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Welcome to the future of windows

KLIMA-PUR® Windows are designed within the context of a circular economy where energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, and recyclability of materials play a crucial role in combating Climate Change

Why KLIMAPUR® Windows?

Maximum energy efficiency

Did you know that carpentry is the weakest part in terms of energy efficiency?

Our polyurethane carpentry ensures maximum thermal comfort and minimum energy consumption. We don't say this, our product's CE marking does.

Optimal sound insulation

Sleep peacefully, no more noises at night

The foam micro-structure of our polyurethane profiles allows for damping vibrations and annoying noises. You'll see a before and after.

Elegant design and excellent finishes

You can customize your window however you like, just choose the color

The finishes of KLIMA-PUR® allow you to select any RAL color and personalize it according to your preferences or needs.

Durability by design

Carpentry inspired by the design of wooden windows

The solid design of our profiles allows for extending the lifespan of the window as they do not tend to deform over time like hollow PVC or aluminum profiles. Therefore, KLIMA-PUR® exceeds 30 years of average lifespan.

Functional glasses

Did you know that double glazing is mandatory?

They might try to sell you double glazing as an extra, but it's not. According to the requirements of the building code, single glazing can no longer be used. We will offer you the glass you need, nothing more. Our reference supplier is GUARDIAN® (Grupo ByNavas).

Quality accessories

All our windows are tilt and turn

In reality, the manufacturing cost of a tilt and turn window and a casement window is practically the same, but other brands charge you more. Not us, we prefer to give you higher quality. That's why we trust the Roto® brand.

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